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Building Home Gym

What Do I Need To Consider When Building My Home Gym?

Building a home gym is an exciting project to undertake and there are lots to think about before and during the process. If you are taking up valuable space in your home for a workout area, you want to do it right and not waste your own money (not to mention time).


Having a home gym is beneficial in many different ways and allows people to exercise whenever is convenient for them. You no longer will have to leave the comfort of your own home to go to the local gym, find parking, and trudge through the cold (depending on the season). You can wake up, walk down the hall, and do what needs to be done before getting on with your day.

Building Home Gym

But, before diving into building your own home gym, take the following into account when planning:

The Space That’s Available

Don’t build a bigger home gym than you have space for. You’ll quickly become annoyed with the space that is taken up by your workout space and might start neglecting it and regretting it. You might also have to make changes down the road when you realize it is too large and this will cost you even more money.


Figure out what space you have available and keep the new workout space within those boundaries. Don’t go too big but, if you have tons of room to use, don’t cram everything into a smaller space than you should.

Building Home Gym

The Type Of Equipment You Need

What type of workout are you hoping to get out of your new home fitness area? Are you focused on cardio or heavy lifting? 


There are tons of different home gyms for you to choose from that offer different perks and come in a wide range of pricing. This one piece of equipment can target just about every muscle group in the body and they can really skyrocket your personal fitness.


You will no longer have to worry about wiping off someone else’s sweat and constantly adjusting the weight when you have your own personal home gym.

The Budget You Have

You should always set a budget and stick to it when going through the planning your very own personal, at-home gym. If you have no budget and can spend whatever you’d like for your new workout area, then that is great freedom you’ll be able to take advantage of. Most of us can’t live like this and we have to follow a set budget when purchasing equipment and going through renovations.


Take into account the money you make every month, what you currently spend on a gym membership, and any bills you have coming up that need to be paid.

Building Home Gym

With a pen and a piece of paper, you should be able to quickly figure out a budget that works for you (and your family) for purchasing all of the things you’ll need in your new at-home gym.


A few tips for building a great fitness area on a budget are:


  • Purchase used the equipment. Many people buy equipment in the hopes of getting in shape (oftentimes in January when they are still committed to their New Year’s Resolution). Scan Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and Craig’s List to find perfectly good equipment for a fraction of the price!


  • Build your own equipment. Believe it or not, you can build some pieces of equipment you’ll need. You can easily build yourself a power rack, plate holders, and pulling blocks.
  • DIY. If there’s something you can do to save money in the renovations, you should definitely consider it. Whether that be putting down your own flooring or installing a tile ceiling, doing it yourself can save you money in the long run.


Building your own home gym is fun – so enjoy the process!

The last piece of advice I’ll give you is to say that the process of building your own home gym is a project you should have fun with. You get to be creative and you get to see your fitness area come together right in front of your eyes.


While it might feel stressful at times, you should always try to enjoy the process as much as you can and celebrate what you are doing. After all, you are building an area in your own home that will positively impact your physical health.

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