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Grow Plants Better with General Hydroponics Fertilizer Set

Now with the introduction of advanced technological upgrades, every activity that we perform is becoming better and easier with each passing day. This advancement has helped to initiate a new trend in the farming industry. That new trend which is getting popular across the world is known as “Hydroponic farming”. Actually, it is a type of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture; in which a person grows crops without the presence of soil, by exposing the plant’s roots in a mineral nutrient solution that is present in the watery solvent.

For offering good support to the plant while growing, you can give physical support to plant roots by using an inert media like gravel, perlite or some other substrates. The nutrients that you have used in the hydroponic systems can be obtained from a variety of sources; for example duck manure, fish excrement, artificial nutrient solution or chemical fertilizers.

Hydroponic farming has opened a large door of opportunity in front of various farmers; who are facing certain problems with the old ways of farming. There are a variety of plants that are commonly grown hydroponically on an inert medium. Some examples are lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

But if you want to grow hydroponic crops efficiently; you will most importantly require a good hydroponic nutrient; which will make your crop grow well. As with an inefficient nutrient, the growth of your crop can be affected.

So, to offer proper nutrients to crops you should select the right kind of nutrients, as well as research about effective nutrient solutions. Otherwise, the result will not be good for your crops.

About General Hydroponics Fertilizer Set

There are a variety of hydroponics nutrient solutions available in the market, but none as effective as the General Hydroponics flora bloom, grow and micro combo fertilizer set. General hydroponics is a classic fabled brand of hydroponic nutrient solution. They had formulated the Flora Series in the year 1976; since then it is spreading its popularity all around the globe.

The General Hydroponics Fertilizer Set is getting more popular among hydroponic farmers. It is an efficient three-part nutrient system; which offers you the freedom to do complete customization in growing crops that you want. In some research, the fertilizer set from General Hydroponics tends to be one of the best plant nutrients products for growing plants well.

Contents of General Hydroponics Fertilizer Set 

In this set, you actually get three fertilizers to enhance the growth and quality of your crop. The details are mentioned below.

  • Flora Micro

The Flora Micro is a base nutrient for your crop; which is used by plants throughout their lifecycle. It is known to offer proper supply of calcium, potassium, nitrogen and trace elements to the plants.

  • Flora Bloom and Grow

Bloom and Grow are two other nutrients that play a very crucial role during the stage of flowering and vegetation. The FloraGrow helps in stimulating the vegetative and structural growth of the crops and helps them to build strong roots. FloraBloom offers a high amount of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium to stimulate flower and fruit development.

The quantity required to use all these three nutrients should be set by yourself according to your plants’ needs. The General Hydroponics fertilizer set has provided an intricate nutrient system for your crops to get properly nourished. This system may seem a little bit complex at first, but the results you get from it will make you appreciate the process.

To easily understand how to use the General hydroponic fertilizer set; first, go visit their website and use their feeding charts to understand the process to grow crops effortlessly. This set of nutrient solutions can be used by anyone from beginners to experts in hydroponic farming. The nutrient solutions that they provide are very effective and long-lasting in nature.

The GH (General Hydroponics) Flora series are popular all around the world; since they are the building block nutrient system that created a proper way to offer primary, secondary and micronutrients to crops. This helps in the enhancement of yield and quality of the crops.

The General Hydroponics Fertilizer Set is available around the world in both online and offline stores around the globe as well as in Saudi. The online shopping craze has motivated many young people to prefer online shopping in Saudi to get such products.


General Hydroponics flora bloom, grow, micro combo fertilizer set helps you to start a good soil-free farming journey. The fertilizers you get in this set help you in enhancing nutrition, aroma, essential oils and flavour in both soils and hydroponically cultivated plants. The GH Flora series provides the availability of highly purified concentrates for offering you maximum solubility.

According to General hydroponics; plants are just like people and they also benefit from a good diet. But like people, every individual plant has different nutrient needs and that undergoes changes along with the growth cycle. GH Flora Series is the first choice of NASA and Antarctic research scientists due to their superior formulation and reliability. Grow your plants with ease and comfort using the General Hydroponics flora bloom, grow, micro combo fertilizer set.

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