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5 Reasons to Place a Customised Cake Order

Baking is a creative process involving science, as all measurements and proportions need to be in place to nail the art. Unique and gourmet cakes lure today’s customers as they look amazing and combine lip-smacking flavours. Also, these out-of-the-box creations can be customised for landmark occasions.

Celebration cakes are gravity-defying, 3D theme-based with edible graphic prints that push creative boundaries to a whole new level. Classic pastries and cakes have undergone a drastic makeover with expert bakers going to extreme lengths to produce stunning masterpieces. When you place a cake order, make the memories outlive the cake itself with a customised sweet treat.

Custom cakes involve attention to detail by designing it such that it best represents those who are being celebrated. Buying a celebratory cake online allows you to:

  • Access a variety of flavours and designs
  • Save energy and time by browsing through catalogues from the comfort of your home
  • Maintain an element of surprise as the cake arrives on D-day
  • Request for delivery directly to your loved one’s doorstep
  • Examine reviews before placing an order to assess the quality of the perishable item and service of the retailer

A mouth-watering custom cake is the centrepiece of any special gathering across birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate, and other landmark events. These delicacies are created, keeping your taste, preference, and the occasion uppermost in mind. Listed here are five compelling reasons to place a customised cake order online:

Exciting Flavours

Rather than conforming to one standard taste, custom cakes offer various exciting flavours like peanut butter, Nutella, and Ferrero. These flavourful additions are well balanced and appeal to your taste buds.

Vibrant and Colourful Appearance

Besides the chocolate and vanilla looking cakes, you can also choose vibrant blue and pink shades. Sprinkles, meringue dust, rainbow popcorn, and gold and silver leaves used to decorate these culinary creations make them a visual delight.

Quirky Designs

When you invest in a custom cake order, you are not merely cutting into a standard square, round, or rectangular sponge. These works of art with the quirky appeal are made to resemble either a fountain oozing goodness or an overflowing sweet surprise. Even the ones with kinder eggs and alcohol bottles jutting out have an element of drama to them.

Gluten and Vegan Free Options

The vegan and gluten-free cakes are equally tempting to look at and do not compromise on taste either. You have delicious options, including Nutella, oreo, and lotus spread, which will satisfy your sweet tooth if you are a vegan and gluten intolerant.

Convenient Delivery

Even if you make a last-minute order, you will not be disappointed as your cake can be delivered to the address provided by the same evening. Make sure you place your order before 10:30 am for delivery on the same day. Should you not want the recipient to know who the well-wisher is, your details can be kept confidential.

Next time around, instead of a regular cake, order an edible work of art and surprise your loved ones. Whether you want an urgent gift or customised cake delivered, lean on a reliable cake delivery company.

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