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Technology has its set of advantages and disadvantages. No doubt, technology has made the world a global village, and we can connect with people from literally anywhere. On the downside, it has made people super lazy, plus the on-going lockdown administered by most states due to COVID-19 has limited their outdoor activities. As a result, most people are encountering health issues due to a lack of physical activity.

Nowadays, we spend most of our time sitting in front of the screens. Some people have their eyes glued to mobile phones, while others are working on laptops. Have you encountered any back or neck pains frequently? Wrong body posture puts pressure on the posterior muscle, causing a strain on your upper and lower back. Similarly, it exhausts your shoulder blades, leading to pain below the neck. 

In addition to causing body pain, incorrect posture can put your entire system of muscles in a compromising position. At times, people also develop malalignment in the spine, resulting in herniated discs that can weaken the spine muscles. Thus, it is high time that you start maintaining a good posture since it is as essential as a healthy diet.

It keeps your body and organs in proper alignment. And most importantly, it bolsters blood circulation, oxygenation, and neurological functions. Precisely, it is a core pillar to your overall health. Do you know how to maintain a correct posture? Whether you are standing, lying down, or sitting – focus on your body’s symmetrical position to close doors for muscle tension. 

A good posture enables muscles to coordinate efficiently with minimal exhaustion. At the same time, it also holds spinal joints in place, releasing the stress from ligaments. If you wish to say goodbye to slouching, have a look below, 

Here are seven fantastic tips to improve your posture for good health:

  • Get Your Hands on a Posture Corrector 

Unsurprisingly, breaking old habits takes much time. If all your efforts to correct your slouchy posture is not working, then consider getting your hands on a posture corrector. You can find some high quality and affordable posture correctors at to meet your need. These posture correctors are breathable to eliminate any sweating. It will hold your back into place without causing any discomfort.

Alongside decreasing back pain, it will help make you feel less lethargic. After all, health experts believe the wealth of energy lies in the spine alignment. Moreover, the veins leading to your head will be in a better position because your shoulders are no longer slouching. It boosts blood flow in the brain, enhancing your cognitive functioning. 

Since slouching impacts intestines, posture correctors can help in eliminating acid reflux. Thus, the food will not travel through folded tubes as better posture unfolds them, improving digestion. Remember to be careful about the size as posture correctors come in different ranges.  

  • Perform Mobility Exercises 

Amid the global pandemic, many people are working from home. Some spend their time sitting long hours on desks, while others carry laptops to their bed. In addition to making muscles weak, the wrong postures cause severe body pains. Here, some mobility exercises can come in handy. It will improve your muscle’s motion range while helping you maintain a correct posture. 

Below are some mobility exercises that you should perform daily: 

  • Bridges: It engages your gluteal and abdominal muscles while strengthening your lower back muscles. 
  • Head Retraction: Neck muscles are mostly sore due to excessive screen time, and this exercise helps strengthen them. 
  • Activate your Side Abs: Twist your torso to strengthen the obliques. It activates the core muscles while you are sitting or standing. 
  • Neck Stretches: Stand in front of the mirror with a straight spine and neck. Slowly, start ticking your skin backward to relieve pressure and overcome muscle tension. 
  • Hip Flexor Stretch: It strengthens your core and lower back while stretching hips simultaneously. 
  • Use Supportive Footwear

Women love flaunting high heels as they tend to elongate legs while elevating the entire outfit. They are a big fashion hit, but you have to switch to comfortable footwear when improving posture. All the pencil heels and stilettos thrust the base of your spine forward, causing muscle tension in your back. 

As a result, it alters how your backbone lines up, putting pressure on the nerves and causing back pains. Also, it puts more weight on your knees that can deform your posture, and create severe joint problems. Thus, use joggers or flip-flops for daily wear to make your body and muscles feel comfortable. 

  • Limit Bending

Undoubtedly, routine activities involve much bending. You may not realize it, but it puts much stress on your spine. Therefore, start storing items close to your waist height to avoid straining your back. You can place commonly used items on shelves or pegboard rather than upper or lower cabinets. Likewise, make sure your work surfaces are at a comfortable height, especially the kitchen countertops. It will help you maintain a correct posture while cooking and chopping. Moreover, avoid all the heavy lifting as it ruins your posture and causes strain on the back.  

  • Check Your Workstation 

Do you have a comfy chair at the work desk? The angle at which you sit during the entire day has a significant impact on your posture. Thus, make sure you have good support that lets you recline at a 135-degree angle. This position puts the least strain on your spine while letting you sit with a straight posture. Similarly, keep your laptop or monitor at your eye level and get support for your arms. Moreover, keep all the documents and stationery supplies at your desk to avoid looking down. After all, irregular neck movements can lead to strain. 

  • Do Strength Training

Rounded shoulders, forward head, weak glutes, and tight hamstrings are substantial indicators of incorrect posture. All these core muscles play a vital role in how we move our bodies. In short, they have a direct on posture, mobility, and movement because the core is always working. Alongside performing some core exercises, give a shot to yoga since it is equally helpful with posture. It improves balance, flexibility, and body awareness. 

Furthermore, Pilates and other strength training exercise programs can also help build your muscles to support your body in a neutral posture.  

  • Beware of Text Neck 

Do you have a habit of craning your neck? Usually, people bend their head into the screen that stretches the neck, and weakens muscles. Here, you require some changes in your habit to improve your posture.

Firstly, when using the phone, you have to hold it straight in front of you. Likewise, rather than curling up the tablet or phone your hands, prop it on the table. Believe it or not, but these few changes can improve your posture and reduce pains. 


Most people know the importance of a good posture, but not many know how to maintain it. Correct body positioning involves dedication, commitment, and a few changes in your habits. You have to learn the art of holding your body against gravity without tension on muscles or ligaments. You can start exercising, use posture correctors, and make slight changes in your routine. Proper alignment and posture will support your spine, eliminating back and neck pains, and making you feel more spirited and enthusiastic towards your work. 

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