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Get Back Your Sleep Cycle During Detox

How to Get Back Your Sleep Cycle During Detox

We all are aware that sleep is undeniably essential to the human body and mind. Yet, every night many of us fight a battle with ourselves for something as natural as sleep. You might think that not getting enough sleep merely leaves you a bit grumpy throughout the day, but that is not it. The effects of insufficient and improper sleep can be far more damaging. Hence, reviving your sleep schedule should be the first thing on your priority list.  

For all those going through detox from any drug or alcohol, insomnia is a vernacular phenomenon, one that should catch your eye at an early stage before it turns into ignotism. You can also go on to Black Rabbit and find some unconventional yet trendy methods to deal with it.  Now that you are here, let us be the sharpest tool in the shed and learn how to tackle this issue. 

Insomnia and Detox

As mentioned above, it is a fact that sleeplessness is often a consequence of detox therapy undertaken by people who wish to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The question is, how? 

During detox therapy, a person goes through a stage wherein he experiences withdrawal symptoms. During this phase, the patient experiences vexation due to a combination of physical and mental turbulence like anxiety, nausea, headache, sweating, low enthusiasm, nightmares, etc. Insomnia/restlessness is one of the most commonly found withdrawal symptoms. Such side effects occur because the mind and body struggle to adapt to the new normal. Few of these symptoms like insomnia can consume days, weeks, or even years to fade away. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of such imbroglio well in advance to avoid further complications. 

The good news is that insomnia is curable, but only if we follow and practice a healthy sleep routine religiously. Let us dive deeper to understand the significance and need of a healthy sleep cycle.

Get Back Your Sleep Cycle

Importance of Proper & Adequate Sleep

A proper sleep routine can be invigorating to your well-being by helping you remain as fit as a fiddle. When you are sleep-deprived, your mind and body suffer from a lack of rest and tranquility. In today’s highly competitive world, sleep has become a distant dream for most of us. We work through an entire day yawning and feeling exhausted. While experts believe that at least 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep is necessary, let us understand why:

  • Sufficient sleep improves mood.
  • Energises mind and body
  • Boosts concentration and productivity
  • Eliminates the risk of heart ailments 
  • Quality sleep = strong immunity

These are a few of the myriad benefits a wholesome night of sleep provides. Overall, we can establish that a healthy sleep cycle is imperative for the longevity of life, and in the end, that is what matters the most. Research more to educate yourself about rejuvenating and mindful practices that you must follow if you wish to live an active, happier, and longer life. 

Sleep Cycle During Detox

How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle During Detox

Fortunately, it is possible to reset a deranged sleep cycle without wending your way to sleeping pills or a doctor’s prescription. Yes, you read that right! However, such attainment would require great self-control and perseverance. Making certain amendments in your everyday routine and being consistent with it can go a long way. But, what kind of alterations? Stay mindful as we guide you towards a good night’s sleep.

To-Do List 

  1. Follow the same sleep routine every day

Establish a sleep routine and follow it every day. Going to bed each night and waking up in the morning at a fixed time each day will support your mechanism. Practice this routine without fail, even when you don’t feel like it. Initially, it will be a task to be regular, but with time your body will naturally doze off around the set time. You’ve got to force yourself to adapt for the good.

  1. Create a dim and peaceful ambiance at night

 All kinds of environmental disturbances such as bright lights, loud sounds, extreme room temperatures, uncomfortable mattress/pillow can hinder your sleep. Do whatever you can to create a comforting, calming, and tranquil ambiance in your bedroom. Keep your room clean and tidy, switch off all the unnecessary lights, place a dim lamp beside your bed, light an aromatic candle well in advance to create a pleasant mood. The idea is to create a space where you would want to doze off and rest peacefully. 

  1. Reach out to your bed only for sleep and relaxing purposes

Reach out to your bed only when you want to rest or sleep. Do not convert your bedroom into your workplace, dining area, or entertainment zone. Carry out such activities in separate places. When you make this a habit, you will notice that being in bed no longer activates your brain to stay awake longer. 

  1. Eat and drink right 

Remember what they say, ‘We are what we feed our body.’

When you consume all that unhealthy junk almost every other day, and when you choose to eat a heavy dinner, you end up becoming an owl who stays awake all night long. Start eating nourishing food, give up on sugary drinks, and along with getting enough quality sleep, you will become hale and hearty once again.

  1. Exercise daily 

There is enough evidence to support the fact that exercise directly affects our sleeping habits. Morning exercise not only helps us remain fresh and active throughout the day, but it also makes the human body physically tired by the end of the day. As a result, we end up falling asleep faster than usual. Do not skip your workouts, be regular and committed. 

‘What Should Be Avoided’ List 

  1. Avoid long naps 

While you might love your sweet little time napping away all your worries every afternoon. You may not be pleased to know that long naps straight-up take a toll on your internal body clock, snatching that precious good night’s sleep of yours. It is advisable to nap for not more than 20-30 minutes every day to feel energetic and refreshed. 

  1. Get rid of your gadgets before the bedtime

Strictly stay away from all your dearly beloved gadgets – cell phone, laptop, television, tablet, or any such electronics for that matter, at least an hour before your bedtime. Give up on late-night binge-watching your favorite series and shows, log yourself out from those addictive social media apps and instead focus on relaxing your mind, body, and soul. Make books your best friends to keep yourself engaged before falling asleep. 

  1. Do not intake plenty of liquids at night

Although drinking an ample amount of water is considered a healthy habit, only during the day. Interrupting sleep to go to the washroom every night aggravates as we grow older. Avoid drinking too much water before bedtime to lower the frequency of such midnight tours. 

  1. Say no to caffeine 

You must stop consuming caffeinated beverages at least six hours from your bedtime. Those who are sensitive to caffeine may need to avoid them even earlier. One or two cups of coffee/tea in the morning are enough to keep you going through the day. 

  1. Avoid stimulating and stressful situations/activities in bed

Postpone all the work-related activities, avoid getting into an argument with your spouse or any other family member at night. Shield yourself from all such external factors that may play a role in stimulating your brain and creating a stressful and demanding situation for you. 


Most of us today face difficulty finding a difference between day and night. Switching off in bed is no less than a struggle, and it is a conventional issue that attenuates our energy, mood, and ability to work efficiently throughout the day. Insomnia can lead to serious health issues if left untreated. 

If you have made an effort to revive your sleep routine through self-help methods and still failed, then you must reach out to a sleep specialist, especially if lack of adequate sleep is taking a toll on your mental, emotional and physical health. Do it because ‘Sleep is the golden chain that binds our health and body together.’ – Thomas Dekker.

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