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How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions

How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and work to please others or putting their desires above your own needs?  Are you experiencing constant fatigue and depression? If you are having unrealistic goals or expectations, you may be suffering from emotional imbalance or blockages. This article is all about How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions.

Your Emotions will control you if you don’t control them: it’s a famous saying and really speaks the truth. It indicates that we can balance our emotions rather than drive-by emotional blockages or imbalances. We don’t need to power through intense feelings or repress them but we need to acknowledge and deal with them straight on. Now, let’s discuss the scientific process that helps you to establish a healthy relationship with your emotions.

Best Ways How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions

How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions

  1. Do not neglect Your Negative Feelings

    Negative feelings can be painful & terrifying to be revised but neglecting them constantly with a blind eye and pushing them deep down to maintain our outer persona can be highly dangerous for us. There may be some fears and resistance to address deep sadness, anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions but once you dive in and face your fear, you will become more calm & relaxed. So, the more you accept the past and deal with it positively, the more you become emotionally stable. So, allow yourself to express your feelings – both positive and negative and ask yourself – “Why am I feeling this way?”. It makes you calm and helps you to balance your emotions on a grounding level.

  2. Express yourself

    We all have dark secrets that we keep locked deep inside. We all relate to insecurities, pain, guilt, suffering, and shame. The key is to accept your imperfections, leave your ego and ask for help. Find a good companion to express yourself who can help you walk through with it. This is the best information for How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions.

  3. Don’t let your Emotions impose Your Intelligence

    Perception defines who you are. Sometimes, changing the perspective of a situation can help to change the situation. Forgiveness towards yourself and others is paramount in emotional stability. If you are going through a phase of self-criticism, then it is very important to acknowledge & accept your own mistakes and forgive yourself, too. Resentment is harmful, especially for your own body. Forgiving yourself and others are ultimately evolving into a place where you can share your story without turning into a nervous wreck.

  4. Release Your Shame

    Shame i.e. Embarrassment blocks your “Svadhisthana” i.e. the second Chakra which is associated with emotions. Shame and guilt reside in your emotional layers which formulate a perfect illusion. This illusion locks us into a self-created prison. So, release shame and embrace it with your self-esteem. Proudly accept who you are.

  5. Every Encounter is your reflection

    For your ego, it is easy to play the role of a victim. The ego always looks for a comfort zone. When we stop pointing the finger and take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, no one is left to blame for our conditions. We are the controller of our emotions. We need to avoid acting on the scripts written by other people and get hold of our own functions internally and externally.

  6. Adopt Yoga Practice in your Daily Routine

    Emotional blockage cleansing is a common practice in yoga sessions or yoga teacher training program. Stuck energy and blockages are held on a visceral level and in connective tissues of the body that causes stagnation. The energy gets blocked and accumulates as stiffness and disease. Yoga postures and deep meditation practices help us to release such energy and relax us.

How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions

The above-mentioned steps sound obvious but the implementation requires a high level of patience, time and energy and most importantly, it needs the right companion. The right companion holds us during this process. Sometimes, we don’t find the right companion in our family or friend circle. But, nowadays, Yoga schools offer emotional blockage healing programs with the right instructors who understand how to cleanse them. So if you need the right companion, search Yoga Schools for the yoga TTC program. This article has detailed information about How to Balance & Regulate Your Emotions.


About Anki Mourya:

Anki came onto the path of yoga after studying Media Communications in England. She completed 1000+ hours of yoga apprenticeship and a 2-year university course in yoga and Ayurveda in Uttarakhand. Anki now loves to share her subjects at various yoga teacher training programs in India and Europe.

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