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Provision of Services:

You have to agree that on this website healthgardeners.com, we can improve or modify it and can also discontinue our series without noticing you even due to this you get any difficulty in haring information from our services. You agree that healthgardeners.com provides you services through subsidiaries and affiliated entities.

Submitted Content:

When you put before the content to this healthgardeners.com. You will get an invariable and royalty free license worldwide. So that you can display or publish and distribute your content throughout the world. You have to confirm that you will grant the license to healthgardeners.com as you have the authority to do so.

Termination of Agreement:

The terms and conditions will continue to apply forever even the party without noticing any reason end it of this agreement. In do8ing so the terms and conditions remain still or unaffected.

Proprietary Rights:

You agree that healthgardeners.com contains proper and perfect information having trademarks, service marks and patents are protected from international property laws and treaties. You can view healthgardeners.com and get content offline for personal and non-commercial use. You can’t sell our content without our permission. The trademarks, service marks and logos of the third party have the property of their owners. The further rights that are not grated are still protected.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

You understand that the use of yours of healthgardeners.com is at your own risk and our services will be available any time. Healthgardeners.com will not express imply warranties or representations of information, material, content or product. This will not be limited to implied warranties of buyer’s ability or fitness for any purpose. The warranties and use of services will be free of error and the defects shall be corrected.

Limitations of Liability:

You agree and understand that healthgardeners.com and its affiliates or subsidiaries shall not lie on any damage whether it was direct, Indirect or incidental. The damages include but are not limited of loss of programs or information, profits, reputation, and business interruption or any other loss due to use of services, their access or information, deleting or corruption of any content. The above limitations shall be applied whether or not the healthgardeners.com was advised or are aware of the damages I jurisdiction, liable is no allowed for incidental or any other damage and the liability of healthgardeners.com is not be limitized which is exercised by law

External Content:

Healthgardeners.com contains a hyperlink to third party content or websites. You agree that healthgardeners.com is not responsible for such products, websites or resources available.


You agree and understand that if you have any legal issue arising due to this agreement then you are free to submit your issue to personal and exclusive jurisdiction to solve the issue to personal and exclusive jurisdiction to solve the issue. It the court of law tells that provision of the agreement is not valid and can be removed and remaining terms will continue.

Entire Agreement:

You agree and understand that the above terms contain an agreement between you and healthgardeners.com. You can also go for more terms and conditions you use, buy other services or content of the third party.

Changes to the Terms:

Healthgardeners.com protects the rights to enhance the terms after some time without notice. Changes can be effective when they are posted and your continuing use of healthgardeners.com tells that the agreement is bounded to them.