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Best summer exercises

Best summer exercises that will also help you lose weight

Cricket, cycling, tennis, golf, badminton, football, hockey, swimming … there’s no lack of outside exercises to help you stay dynamic throughout the summertime. And keeping in mind that you may take part casually playing sports the truth is that the correct exercises and activities during the summertime can transform fun in the sun into a full-body exercise. After spending the cold winters stuck at home because of the pandemic we had been waiting for the summertime to begin so that we could enjoy the warmth of the sun on our skin. The days are longer in the summers hence this season gives us more opportunity to feel productive and motivated to do fun activities. 

Now although warmer and radiant days are at last here, in the wake of practicing in cooler spring temperatures, hot and muggy 80-degree days can feel overpowering. Running, trekking, climbing maybe even strolling might seem more dreadful in the warmth; however, we cannot let that discourage us from working out and trying to spend our time being more productive and active. The truth is that you don’t need to merely survive the summers but rather enjoy them as well. Our mission this summer is to make sure you make the most out of these summers by enjoying the sun safely and also shedding a few extra pounds! 

Best summer exercises

Reasons why summers can be great for our health

It’s true that sometimes summers and the heat can get extremely frustrating; and while you suffer in the heat everyday tasks such as going to work, getting stuck in traffic, and doing your daily chores can seem like a huge hassle. However, while summers bring a lot of heat with them they also carry a bunch of health benefits that we can make the most out of if we wanted! 

  • Ample supply of Vitamin D

Best summer exercises

When your skin is exposed to the sun your body begins to produce vitamin D automatically and vitamin D is extremely important for our growth and development. Vitamin D improves the absorption and regulation of calcium and phosphorus in our body; both these are vital for the sustainability and growth of our bones and teeth. 

It is also believed that Vitamin D reduces our chances of getting diseases such as the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, the flu, and even heart diseases. 

Getting exposed to the sun will also help elevate your mood and reduce your chances of getting depressed, becoming anxious, and even stressing out. So don’t forget to get your daily dose of sunlight as much as you can especially if you want to feel happier and healthier!

Because Vitamin D is so good at regulating chemicals and hormones in your system you also tend to lose more weight! It is believed that one of the reasons why people tend to lose so much weight in the summers as opposed to in the winters is because of the ample supply of Vitamin D! 

  • Increased availability of fruits and vegetables

Best summer exercises

Summers bring with them a large variety of delicious fruits and vegetables that are not only healthy but extremely tasteful and full of vital juices that are excellent for our health

  • Easier to do outdoor activities

Best summer exercises

It becomes increasingly difficult to do outdoor sports in the winters because of the cold weather and because your mobility is reduced due to the sheer number of clothing that you must wear in the winters to protect yourself! 

However, you don’t need to worry about that at all in the summers! You can wear lightweight and single layers of clothing in the summers and just head out the door! This will encourage more mobility, motivation to work out and allow you to sweat and enjoy the outdoors even more! So choose your favorite pair of workout clothes and head out the door! 

  • Sweat off those toxins 

Best summer exercises

The summers and the heat also provide us with the opportunity of sweating all those toxins in the sun! The winters tend to keep us indoors and less active so all the toxins in your body remain stored inside because of the restriction on movement. Give your body that stretches that it craved for months and let your muscles lose while you let your mind and body be free! 

  • Drink ample water

Best summer exercises

Now that you have enjoyed the sun and your clothes are soaking wet from all the sweat, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and plenty of water! 

Activities and exercises to do in the summers that will encourage weight loss

When nature is giving you an excellent excuse to enjoy the outdoors, feel the warmth on your skin, and feel more active and productive, then why not make the most out of these summer months and enjoy yourselves to the fullest? We have below suggested a few summer activities that we recommend you seriously indulge in to enjoy the summers to the fullest while also shedding a few extra pounds

  • Swimming

Best summer exercises

Swimming is without a doubt one of our all-time favorite summer activities to do! Not only is it extremely refreshing to jump in a pool of cold freshwater but it is also an excellent exercise for the entire body! Swimming gives you the excuse to work on all your muscles and stretch your body to the fullest. 

  • Cricket

Best summer exercises

Cricket is a sport that is appreciated worldwide and has a huge fan following. This game promotes team spirit and is also considered competitive in a healthy way! Cricket will also encourage mental activity as you need to stay alert and focused while also encouraging physical activity that will allow you to lose weight

  • Beach Volleyball 

Best summer exercises

Gather a group of friends and head out to the nearest beach site! Beach volleyball is an extremely refreshing game that can be enjoyed to the fullest in the summers! Not only will you lose track of time running and jumping around but you won’t even realize how alert your mind will become while participating in this sport! And not to forget how you can just jump in the sea for a cold dip if the heat gets too much for you! 

  • Surfing

Best summer exercises

Who doesn’t like a little bit of core exercise?! We know we love to take out our surfing boards and head out to the beach to practice our skills! Surfing presents you with all the fun advantages of swimming while focusing a little extra on your core strengths! Surfing will allow you to stretch your muscles, improve your balance and also polish up your swimming skills! 

  • Biking

Best summer exercises

Enjoy the sun and soak up all its benefits as you take your bicycle out for a ride! Enjoy nature and breathe in the fresh air as you ride your way through the park! Biking will help you stretch and exercise your core and leg muscles to the fullest while shedding a few extra pounds! 

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