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Paleo Diet

Why Has Paleo Diet Become So Popular?

Paleo diet or the caveman diet is the modern form of curated diet that is closely related to the nature-based diet that we had back in the Palaeolithic era. This diet then included lean meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and seeds that were hunted down to eat, and now the same is the diet preference followed in the modern-day. This does not include the food we get from farming or dairies.

The major reason to get back to this form of eating is that it is easier to achieve weight loss on paleo diet today. Prolonged consumption of processed foods leads to rising complications in humans owing to their variety of genetic composition. Advanced farming, dairy, legumes, and other modified and processed food changed the face of human staples consumption. This striking change in diet made the human body unable to adapt to the diet habits, resulting in illnesses like obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Why Follow this Diet?

Choosing this diet may be beneficial for you because:

  • Weight loss on a paleo diet is quite easier and maintaining health too.
  • Having planned meals helps your health get accustomed to healthy living.

What Should You Eat?

What Should You Eat

The diet recommendations vary hugely but this diet is known to follow stricter guidelines than others. Here are some options that you might consider to intake:

  • Raw cocoa nibs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fleshy fruits
  • Colored vegetables
  • Lean meat
  • Omega 3-fatty acid fish- salmon, mackerel, tuna
  • Olive oil, walnut oil

What Should You Avoid?

Besides the good, uncontrolled intake can affect you gravely and your body might not be able to handle the changes. Here are some things that you need to avoid to be on the diet’s track:

  • Wheat, oats, and barley grains
  • Legumes like beans, peanuts, or peas
  • Refined sugar
  • Dairy products
  • Potatoes
  • Processed foods
  • Salt

What Can a Typical Day’s Menu Look Like?

A typical menu on a paleo diet may look pretty interesting and here is what you can refer to have your day’s menu:

  • Breakfast- Cantaloupe, broiled salmon, and a drink with coconut milk.
  • Lunch- Salad consisting of carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, romaine, and lemon juice, broiled lean pork loin. Try avoiding refined sugar and instead try buying coconut sugar for dressing.
  • Snacks- Raw cocoa nibs, orange, carrot, or celery sticks.
  • Dinner- Salad made of mixed greens, avocado, onion, tomatoes, almonds, and lemon juice, lean beef sirloin tip roast, a drink with coconut milk or almond milk for beverages, strawberries for dessert.

Possible Results

This diet has been put through several clinical trials to understand the prolonged benefits of this intake. With various eating plans like that of the Diabetes Diet or the Mediterranean Diet, they have been proven beneficial to individuals in a variety of age range. These included:

  • Healthy and planned weight loss
  • Better grip over the blood pressure and its control over time
  • Lower deposition of triglycerides
  • Improved and better tolerance of individuals towards glucose levels
  • Improved appetite and increased hunger level

Why Is This So Popular?

People have accepted this diet because of the very possible traits that it possesses like:

  • Paleo diet majorly avoids the intake of processed food and consists of what is real food or whole food diet.
  • The carbohydrate level in a simple paleo diet is way too lesser than any staple diet, making it the best possible choice to control diabetes and have a grip overweight control.
  • The paleo diet constitutes high fiber content like vegetables and fruits that we normally tend to avoid with other diets.
  • The Paleo diet is not in favor of milk, cheese, dairy, soy, or gluten and encourages to buy coconut sugar instead of commercially refined sugar. This diet removes the body’s dampness, which leads to curbing illnesses like headaches, indigestion, or obesity in most individuals.

Adopting this diet might seem to be easy but yet again to stay on the safer side; it is well-advised to consult a dietician to understand how your body is going to respond to the food changes. The diet might react to various individuals based on the geographies they are residing in or their genetic makeup can also restrict the diet to show its best results in many cases. So consulting a specialist is a must. Overall, the benefits of the diet are worth mentioning and can do wonders for your health, only if followed the right way.

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