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Safely with Exercise Physiology

Move More and Safely with Exercise Physiology

Many people know Sydney for its business, arts, culture. The coffee scene in Sydney is heaven for any caffeine junkie. The art and music culture is a paradise for the, well, cultured. And the food can take your taste buds to another dimension. However, many may be unfamiliar with the sports and fitness, and health community in Sydney. About two-thirds of Australians aged 18 or older are overweight and obese. And the rates of excess weight have been plaguing Australians for years. Despite these worrying numbers, estimates show that Australians aged 15 years or older get an average of 42 minutes of exercise per day, so that’s a sign of hope. As the most populous city in the country and an icon of Australian life, Sydney citizens have this sort of obligation to be physically active to show the world down under isn’t sitting on its butt. However, you can’t just start lifting heavy stuff willy nilly because you can get injured. Exercise is a science. Thus, if you want to get healthy the right way, you may want to get some help from the exercise physiology Sydney has.

You Need to Move More

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, only about half of adults meet physical activity guidelines. The numbers are worse for kids since only 30% of them meet the physical activity guidelines. These statistics are alarming because trends show that physical activity tends to go down as people get older. The reasons are usually life responsibilities like work and family life. By the time you clock out of work, you’re typically already worn out to hit the gym or even go for a run. That may be fine if you have a physical job like construction. However, most jobs in the city involve sitting all day. What tires you out isn’t really the physical demands, but the mental ones. When the mind feels tired, so can the body.

Move with Science 

While those reasons are all valid and tough, they shouldn’t keep you from exercising. You may actually feel worse if you don’t because your body gets physically weaker as you remain sedentary. As hard as it can be, just try to make yourself move. It can be tougher for people who’ve spent most of their life sedentary. They may not even know where to start and may end up hurting themselves because of their lack of knowledge. This instance is where the exercise physiology Sydney has can help. As amazing as the human body’s capabilities, it still moves according to the principles and laws of physics and biology. If you try to disobey them, they punish you through injury. Exercise physiology can help you work those and principles so you can take control of your health and prevent, manage, or even reverse your diabetes, heart disease, and excessive weight.

Athletes Can Also Benefit

If you’re one of the small percentiles that are physically active, exercise physiology can also help you. Athletes or even normal fitness enthusiasts are among the populations that get injured. Continuing to train with those injuries can potentially put you out of training for months. Instead of working through those injuries, the exercise physiology Sydney provides will help you work around them. This method will allow you to keep improving without hurting yourself.

Most people need to move more, but as silly as it may sound, most also don’t know how to move. They go to the gym, lift some weights, hurt themselves, and never set foot in the gym again. For some athletes and fitness enthusiasts, their problem may be over-moving. With the right help from exercise physiology, everyone can keep going to the gym and become better versions of themselves injury-free.



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