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Men's Testosterone Decrease

Does Men’s Testosterone Decrease?

Testosterone is perhaps best known for its role in muscle building and sexual drive, but the hormone has a lot of other functions.

New scientific findings are being published in a steady stream and the number of available scientific reports on the subject of testosterone indicates a great deal of interest in the research world. Our testosterone levels are clearly linked to our health in several ways. However, a US study shows results that indicate that testosterone levels in American men decrease, even if one ignores natural age-related decrease.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is formed primarily in the testicles but also in the ovaries in women and the adrenal glands in both men and women. During puberty, testosterone production increases in both sexes, but the increase is much stronger in men. Thanks to this, the man’s genitals, muscle mass, and voice develop, among other things. Testosterone also increases sexual desire in men. In women, the increased sex drive during puberty is probably a combination of increased levels of both testosterone and the female sex hormone estrogen. The sexual drive is then kept going during life with the help of testosterone, among other things many health experts suggest to buy SARMs to improve testosterone levels. 

What does a low testosterone value mean?

Testosterone seems to have the ability to keep us in a good mood and help us keep our spirits up. A low testosterone value can cause, among other things, a constant feeling of fatigue and make us more easily irritated. Lack of sleep and depression are additional symptoms that can occur due to testosterone deficiency. Purely scientifically, there is support for these findings mainly in men, but research is also ongoing on female experimental groups.

Increase your testosterone levels naturally

Is it possible, without the help of hormone supplements, to raise a low testosterone value?

Yes, but the scientific support for which methods actually work in the long run is still relatively weak. Here are some ways that can potentially increase your testosterone levels:

Lose weight. Research has shown that overweight men can increase the level of testosterone in the body by losing weight.

Physical activity. Explosive short workouts in particular also seem to be able to raise testosterone levels in the body. At least in the short term. The same applies to heavy strength training, but whether the effect remains over time is not clear.

Minerals zinc. Zinc is important for the production of testosterone and in the case of zinc deficiency, and increased zinc intake can raise testosterone levels.

Factors that potentially reduce testosterone:

Lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a number of effects – among other things, there is a risk that testosterone levels will drop.

Overweight. As we mentioned earlier, being overweight can lead to a drop in testosterone levels. If you are overweight, exercise should have a positive effect as both weight loss and exercise can lead to higher testosterone levels.

Diet. Zinc is needed for your body to produce testosterone. However, zinc deficiency is relatively uncommon. Fast food in combination with a sedentary lifestyle often leads to obesity which can lead to a reduced testosterone level. It may be interesting to know that cholesterol is a precursor to all “steroid hormones“, including testosterone. However, having too low cholesterol levels is extremely uncommon.

While science explores the subject field further, it may be worth keeping track of your testosterone value to learn more about your health. Too low a testosterone level can adversely affect your health and energy levels. However, it is important to know that the “normal level” of testosterone often differs markedly between healthy individuals of the same age. The level that is normal for you does not have to be normal for another individual. A medical assessment is therefore mainly based on symptoms. Only if you have both a low testosterone value and symptoms of testosterone deficiency can you consider further investigation and possible treatment.

Here are ten ways to increase your testosterone naturally.

  • Prioritize sleep!

Sleep well during the night and make sure you sleep at the right times. The body secretes testosterone in pulses of 90-minute cycles throughout the night from about 10.30 pm until five o’clock in the morning. By sleeping that time, you get all the pulses and thus higher average levels of testosterone compared to if you go to bed late at night. Magnesium supplements can increase sleep quality.

  • Reduce your weight!

Being overweight lowers testosterone, but low testosterone also increases body fat, especially belly fat. It will be a vicious circle. Lose fat to reduce your estrogen and increase your testosterone. Testosterone deficiency is common in Western men due to a diet rich in sugar and substitute products that contribute to overweight and obesity.

  • Strength training – and sprinting!

Train heavy strength training and sprint. Both heavy lifting and explosive exercises release testosterone. Sprinter means fast running at intervals of 15-30 seconds, about 10-20 times. But feel free to start calmly so you do not hurt yourself.

  • Eat begging!

For men, supplements with Tribulus Terrestris (begging nut) can work well. The nut is thought to affect a hormone from the pituitary gland that increases the production of testosterone.

  • Get enough vitamin D!

Vitamin D affects the balance between our hormone levels. Among other things, a lack of vitamin D lowers testosterone levels. It is also believed that a deficiency can affect the ability to have children.

  • Eat extra zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B3 and B6!

Zinc affects testosterone levels. Zinc is also an important component of the semen in men and deficiency reduces the number of sperm. Vitamin B3 affects the production of sex hormones and has a positive effect on testosterone and can be taken together with zinc, magnesium, and B6, which gives an extra boost.

  • Avoid stress!

Cortisol is our stress hormone, which is released from the adrenal glands. High cortisol levels are released during high stress. It is the number one enemy of testosterone because increased cortisol secretion reduces testosterone. Cortisol also causes you to put on more fat, which inhibits testosterone production.

  • Know about fat and cholesterol!

Cholesterol is a building block for your sex hormones and a low-fat diet is devastating to fertility. Eggs and butter are good foods that promote hormonal balance, as well as coconut oil. Cholesterol-lowering drugs, so-called statins, are not good for health and reduce the levels of sex hormones.

  • Reduce alcohol intake!

Alcohol consumption has a negative effect on testosterone levels. Alcohol increases estrogen production while lowering testosterone.

  • Do not overdo the amount of soy!

Soy contains a substance that is so similar to estrogen that the body can convert it to estrogen. If you’re searching for any supplement to increase your testosterone naturally then it is suggesting to buy YK 11 SARMs for sale online. m

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