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Best Ways to Build a Fitness Routine

Best Ways to Build a Fitness Routine

Whether it is a new years resolution, or a personal choice, getting into the gym regularly can be difficult. For most of us, it is easier to make excuses not to go than it is to get some time in at the gym. While it is hard to start, once you get in a rhythm it is easy to make it part of your life. With a little bit of work and dedication, you can begin to build a fitness routine on your own time. Making exercise a normal part of your life comes with physical and mental health benefits that will help improve your life. 

Here are a few ways to think about when you are beginning to develop your fitness routine.

  • Make a Schedule 

Sit down and evaluate your daily schedule to figure out when and where you can exercise. Set a schedule to follow that lays out when you will work out through the week. By making it a structured part of your day, it becomes easier to follow. 

What your schedule does not always have to be the same activity either. Some days it is nice to mix it up and keep the workouts interesting. This will help add some excitement to the routine to keep you going strong. When you are mixing up activities, try to add an emphasis on different body parts so you can get a total body workout throughout the week. 

Scheduling your fitness routine can be as simple as scheduling time to be on the treadmill when you want to watch your favorite show. It does not always have to be at the gym. The important thing is getting active every day so you can help improve your health. 

  • Set Realistic Goals 

One of the most helpful things you can do when starting a new routine is to set goals. When it comes to fitness, it is important to also make those goals realistic. 

Setting your own l goals gives you something to work towards. It helps to write down your goals so you can look at them and help motivate yourself to get out and get to the gym and make sure you hit them. It could be running 3 times a week, or going to try a new fitness class. Whatever it is, set the goals you want to hit and try your best to achieve them. 

An important aspect of setting your goals is making them realistic. You want to set your goals according to your experience level. If you are just starting, you do not need to go for a few hours a day, every day. Not only will it be harder to schedule, but you can also experience burnout and there goes your routine. Make your goals work with your schedule and your fitness experience levels. That way you can keep progressing as you go. 

  • Monitor Your Progress 

It is important to keep track of your progress through your fitness journey. Tracking your progress during your fitness results can be a confidence booster or a motivator to do more. This will also let you evaluate how far you have come and what goals of yours you have hit. If you have not hit those goals you know you need to put more time in.  

If you find yourself not hitting your goals, do not get discouraged. Take this as an opportunity to change up your activities and try something new. Knowing your results allows you to be accountable and improve your plan as you work through your fitness journey. 

In regards to tracking your progress, there are many different ways you can do it. It is just important that it is done. You can keep a fitness journal as a personal way to track your progress. You can record all of your progress here and keep it maintained as you work through your plan. If you are more computer-oriented, keeping a spreadsheet of your progress is an amazing tool. 

You can record new mile times, time spent in the gym, new PR’s, etc. It is also important to record how you are feeling through the workouts. Keeping track of this is not only funny as you get more and more into your routine, but it helps you gauge what workouts you love and hate. 

Final Thoughts: 

Fitness routines are an intimidating thought. Planning and setting your goals before you start already puts you in a great place. Now it is time for you to take these ideas and put them into action. Take it one step at a time and give it your best effort. It will become part of your daily life in no time at all.  

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