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A fresh cup of tea is always a step close to heaven. Tea has been heralded as British art for the longest time in history. With tea’s reputation as a medicinal drink, it has been used extensively by the Britishers. Drinking tea is an entrenched way of life for them that involves a particular set of rules and etiquette that give it the due respect it deserves. 

Aussies love their tea just as much as their coffee. Tea is the second most popular beverage in Australia. It is expected to grow in the market in the coming years. Research shows that tea’s growing volume is to increase to 18 million by 2023 in Australia. 

Whether you buy white tea, green tea, or black tea, tea has a versatility that no other beverage can match. Tea also has innumerable benefits that add to its credibility. There are several types of teas, each of which offers its advantages. 

Tea drinking has been practiced as an art by many Asian cultures as well. While the tea itself carries a lot of importance, in such cultures, the accessories, like the teacups, teapots, and brewing tools, have equal importance in livening the tea experience. 

Types of Teas:

  • Green Tea: Arguably one of the most famous tea leaves worldwide, green tea leaves are extracted from tea plants before they undergo oxidation. Famously known as the ‘lose weight, stay fit’ concoction, one can drink green tea directly by seeping the leaves or mixing condiments. Some standard dressings used are honey, lemon juice, and agave, based on sweetness level. 
  • White Tea: One can buy white tea without a second thought! White tea is known as the princess of teas due to how minimally processed it is. These are the most delicate forms of tea plants that have a floral note to them. They are derived from the young buds and, as a result, retain much of the catechins in tea leaves. This product is very high in antioxidants. Usually, it is suggested that white tea is brewed in lukewarm water, as the hot water might damage the tender leaves. These are also sourced locally from China. One can buy white tea from any local Asian market. 
  • Oolong Tea: Oolong Tea is a class of tea leaves between green tea and black tea. These are semi-oxidized leaves that are withered and dried under the sun. It is known to have more black tea characteristics and is known to burn calories and boost metabolism. However, this particular tea is known to be rich in anthraquinones which cause a strong laxative effect. 
  • Black Tea: Black tea leaves are the most oxidized tea leaves of all the varieties. It has the most potent tea flavor as well. Black tea is known to be rich in flavonoids. These fortify health against heart diseases. Black tea is used to improve cognitive functioning and attention in general. 
  • Pu Erh Tea: This is a tea sourced by microbial fermentation from China’s Yunnan province. Ideally, the leaves are first dried and rolled under the sun, and then fermented. It is known to deliver increased levels of oxygen to the brain. It also helps combat headaches and migraines. 

There are other types of tea leaves like Fruit, Herbal, Moringa tea, etc. All these teas confer good properties to overall health.

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